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Molly Quinn Gif Directory



Gif hunt: Molly Quinn



  • Gif hunt: 240
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  • *i do not own any of those gifs*

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Luke Worrall Gifs!

For Jazz~

40 Luke Worrall gifs, all made by me.

39 gifs under cut

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Christopher Mintz-Plasse gifs


I do not own any of these gifs

Gif count: 51 gifs

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Christopher Mintz-Plasse Gifs!

For Katlyn, all of which are made by me. 

Part one of however many I end up making.

26 gifs under cut.

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How to: Play a Blind Character

Note: This was for a request and is fairly late and quite honestly I know very little about being blind but I do hope the research here will be helpful for any players.

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Smut writing, or the writing of sexual intercourse is something that comes up quite often and roleplaying, and one of the things in RPing that is most commonly done incorrectly. No matter your level of writing ability, it is important to remember that all romanticism and sexiness aside, when you write smut you are writing about an intimate scene between two human bodies. It is common for people to forget certain functions and things that come with the fact that you are not simply having sex with words. Sex isn’t always pretty, it isn’t always perfectly romantic, and it isn’t always clean, and it certainly can’t go fourteen rounds in a night without a water break and probably a long nap. 

This by no means a guide to writing a Smut scene, it is simply the basic birds and the bees of some physical parts of sex that commonly go forgotten and are important to remember.

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How to:  Create an interesting and relevant GIF/Dash chat starter

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5 quick things you should know about tagging


it might seem straight forward, but some of this is stuff I didn’t figure out until months after joining tumblr:

  1. tags with dashes in them will not work as a tracked tag. so if your URL has a dash in it you won’t be able to track your own tag. the same goes for if you’re using tags for archival purposes on your own blog.
    your best bet is to come up with something else your friends can tag you with if you want to keep track of asks/responses/etc.
  2. on any blog if you add “/tagged/whateveryouwant” to the end you can see everything that person has tagged with that.
  3. if you tag a reblog it will not appear in the main tag. only original posts go in the trackable tags.
  4. if you post something then edit the tags to add more, the post still won’t show up in those new tags. make sure you have all your tags in order before you post.
  5. and the big one that most people don’t know: only the first 5 tags are relevant when making a post: any other tag you add will not go in the trackable tag. however they are still good for personal archiving purposes, etc.


A Guide to Depression

This is a guide that will talk about the symptoms of different types of unipolar depression, as outlined by the most recent version of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, otherwise known as the DSM. The version referenced in this guide is the DSM-IV-TR. The DSM-5 is set to come out May 2013, and some of the stuff in this guide will reflect some of the rumored changes, but most of them will be based on the DSM-IV-TR.

Warning: There is mention of suicide and suicidal ideation under the cut.

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The purpose of cutting your posts:


It doesn’t clog the dash and makes conversations easier to read on your blog. It’s really annoying to see a bunch of gifs/links on one post and, frankly, unnecessary. 

How to cut your posts:

When reblogging (AS TEXT!) highlight and delete everything before the person you reblogged it from’s last reply and the one you are writing now. When you reblog, there should be only 2 gifs/texts. The same goes for paras- especially long ones.

Another guide is found here.

Roleplay Do’s and Don’ts: Episode 3


I feel like it is very necessary to introduce this little series onto my blog. I’ve already compiled a large list of basic things you should know about roleplaying, but there’s always the little unspoken rules, for lack of better word, that are floating around out there.

Do! Go to your admin(s) when you have questions regarding your character, other characters, the plot, locations, and even tiny details you might think aren’t important. That’s why they’re there! If you’re confused about something, it’s not that hard to go to their ask box and use your words and ask! If you’re worried about them getting annoyed, it won’t happen, so don’t be afraid.

Don’t! Ignore an admin when they send you a message regarding how you are portraying a certain character or respond rudely when they send you a message. (Okay, if they’re rude to you, your rudeness back could be justified, but still- be the bigger person). An admin wants to see their characters be portrayed accurately and keep their roleplay alive and healthy, for lack of better word, so listen to them and be nice!